Week of January 26th


This week:

Adult Education Spring Semester Begins!

MONDAY, Jan 26th

ESL 1 and 2: 10am-12pm

ESL 3: 10am-1pm

 Center closing at 4pm due to inclement weather

TUESDAY,  Jan 27th

Center Closed due to inclement weather.


ESL 1, 2, and 3: 10am-12pm

GED 1, 10am

Vietnamese Bible Study: 9:30am


THURSDAY, Jan 29th

GED 1: 10am

GED 2: 1pm

Legion of Mary prayer group, 7-8pm

FRIDAY, Jan 30th

ESL 1 and 2: 10am-12pm

Community Dinner.  Join us for dinner for a taste Across the Continents, 6pm